Welcome to the Systems Place Wiki.

At Systems-place.org we have a group of forums that are used to discuss systems thinking and systems practices (amongst other things).
A forum is a great tool for developing ideas or exchanging experience but lacks permanence. We believed that we needed a Wiki where we could keep a more permanent note of information that we felt could be useful. Therefore this Wiki has been set up to serve as such a repository.

We look forward to any and all relevant entries. Feel free to dip in and add try!


- Glossary

Here you can find the start of a list of systems terms and their meanings. This is only a prototype as we are looking at a more powerful concept. The specification for which is here.

- Useful Web Links

Here is (as you would expect looking at the title) a list of links that we feel could be useful.

- Book Club

Here you can recommend books or read the recommendations of others.

The Technical Bit

Following the philosophy of using the best tools available (rather than trying to invent the wheel), this is hosted by Wikispaces.
The Wiki currently has advertising on the right side (switched off right now as we are on a 30 day test). I am aware that some would prefer pages with no advertising but no advertising has to be paid for and the "giver of unattached money" has not yet appeared.

The Wiki does not include a spell checker. Neither do the forums at www.systems-place.org. Therefore my suggestion remains to use a browser with a built in spell checker. Firefox for example.

To avoid the menu on the left getting too cluttered, I have set it up to only display pages that have "menu" as one of their tags. Please use this sparingly so that the user is not overwhelmed by links. Consider making an "index page" for your theme such as the Glossary page.

The Legal Bit

A Wiki is all about sharing. Sharing means allowing others to join in and express their views or write about their experiences. A danger of such a "free for all" is that there may be views or experiences that upset others. Therefore I ask that every one considers other readers when posting.
Should any one post inappropriate comment, I will do my best to remove it as soon as possible.

The Other Bit

The logo was created by Chris Dann. It is supposed to be a 'system' blob.
site_logo.gif The selection of colours was described as follows:
"I don't think, but I thought the turquoise and royal would reflect the colours already on the site, and the amber was the next bit of paper that came out of the box."